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Digital Marketing strategy 2014

Posted on 31 January, 2014 by CDPX

It  is just the start of  2014 but there is no doubt that digital and social media along with mobile technologies remain at the top of the agenda for  many marketing leaders. They see  them as critical paths for expanding their addressable market  and growing their business.

The best advice for each business is that random tactics don’t work with social media. Rather, you need a plan, a strategy, and a framework that you can work  in to create your own formula for success. What works for you is going to be unique to you.

The best users understand that social media is a conversation, not a monologue. The most  effective companies use social media to interact with customers by creating online customer groups and monitoring trends.

I believe that the most important benefit in a  social network today is that it can lead to new relationships and strengthen existing relationships. Never before have people been so transparent and accessible. Finding and cultivating  the right relationships is the key to business growth.

You will meet some amazing people and open doors that you’ve never imagined.

Regarding web sites,   there is  a new trend about  Web 3.0, showing  how  users are contributing seamlessly, pushing more data towards the Web through multiple channels without being conscious of engaging in  interactive usage.

A good  example is how many tend to use location services and the GPS installed on most smart phones and in the average modern car.

Therefore it  is important  that  web sites for 2014 be  totally adapted to  this new trend.

Get  ahead by  making 2014 the  year for improving your social media presence and having  a web that is completely adapted  to mobile in order to create a unique and wonderful digital experience!

In the following  infographic you can find which  social network you should consider for your digital strategy plan for this year.