Is a Luxury Brand impossible without storytelling behind it?

Posted on 31 January, 2014 by CDPX

The luxury brand isn’t what you say it is. “It’s what they say it is.”

The most important, and often surprising, rule of brand storytelling is that you and your business are not the main characters – your customers are.

It is important that customers fit in your brand story with your help, but first, you’ll need to get their attention!!

Storytelling is essential in a luxury brand.

Making sure your “story” aligns with your brand is essential to how people will engage with it.

Good stories are often retold and good stories often evolve, but essentially the fundamental elements remain the same.

Storytelling is a proven way to develop identity, build your client base, and increase sales.

Stories immediately focus on engagement, experiences, and emotion – central tenets that are catnip to customers.

Narrative makes your message relevant and memorable through personalization.

Through narrative, even on the most thrifty of budgets, you can create campaigns to challenge the big players.

Storytelling conveys to customers, the media, and investors the information, hard facts, and dry data they need in an easily digestible way.

Creative narrative is guaranteed to get people’s attention and keep your business in the front of their minds.