International Fashion Show of Chile seeks to lead retail in South America

Posted on 31 January, 2014 by CDPX

Chile, home to world class wine, also has a fashion lineage. From the 10th to the 12th of June 2014 our country will host an event to show the best of the latest fashions and major European brands for the benefit of the Latin American market distributors.

The IFS, International Fashion Show of Chile has invited the leading European brands and exponents of South American retail to the first fashion fair of Chile.

From now on the IFS could become a reference for next year’s trends and be the entrance point for major brands to penetrate the Latin American market in Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia among others. The IFS will bring together only accredited professionals in the fashion, textile, footwear, bags and accessories industries, both brands and exhibitors as well as distributors and customers.

The IFS’s multidisciplinary team is made up of Spanish and Latin American fashion professionals with extensive experience in the distribution and marketing of international brands both in Europe and South America. The IFS promises to bring together all the fashion businesses in the Chilean capital, from textiles to footwear, bags and accessories from a brand distributor company’s private initiative in Latin America. We hold this event as a means to expand the sale of fashion in the region and to promote an industry increasingly on the rise.

From updeluxe.com, we invite you to participate in this great event, not only to boost your overseas sales, but also to nourish our region with the new trends and “savoir faire” of the European brands that we Latin Americans so admire.