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IFS Chile

We have been working on a fashion fair which will bring together the main European brands and the leading retail exponents in South America. It is focused on all the international brands who wish to break into the emerging Latin American markets and present new trends in clothes, footwear and complements. It is the perfect display-case and entrance point for sales abroad and to generate prospective customers in the retail sector. Taking place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of June 2014. Information:

Name of Event: IF’S Chile. INTERNATIONAL FASHION SHOW CHILE. Sector: Fashion, footwear and accessories. Place: Espacio Riesco, Centro de Eventos y Convenciones. Santiago de Chile. Date: 10th, 11th and 12th of June 2014. Description: First international fair of fashion, footwear and accessories in Santiago de Chile. Exhibitors: IF’s Chile invites leading European brands offering them an unmissable opportunity to break into the emerging Latin American market and introduce new trends in clothes, footwear and accessories. Guests: textile fashion, footwear and accessory Buyers; big stores and multi-brands; distributors, agents and industry professionals from Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia and Brazil. Stands: The minimum available area is 20m2 and and renting is done on multiples of this. The price for renting the space is €180 per m2 and includes: Civil liability insurance, regulated energy consumption and daily cleaning. The fair offers services of design and preparation of the stand to the needs of each exhibitor. Admission: Free with advance booking. The entry on the door costs 10.000 Chilean pesos (€12)